Enjoy this easy tutorial on how to rehair My Little Pony tails and get a new look for your ponies.

1- Examine the tail hole. If the hole it’s too small use anX-acto knife to make the  hole bigger.

2- Wrap a tie around the middle of your new tail, and cinch it tight using a small ziptie.


3-Put the plastic cable tie through the tail hole until the end of ziptie comes out through the neck.


4- Pull until the new tail comes through the neck too.

cambiar cola pony 3

5- To secure the top, cinch tight another bigger ziptie around the leftover portion of the first tie, and slide it down over the base of the tail.

cambiar cola pony 4

6- Clip the excess from the tie and pull the tail back through the hole until you feel resistance. You can add some hot glue o craft glue inside for a permanentfixing

cambiar cola pony 5