Who has not ever played with a sock that suddenly seems to come alive in your hand?

Sock puppets are a classic and could not miss on our web.

Here’s how to make a simple, affordable and fun sock puppet. We have made a very funny dragon! We named it Jacinto

materiales dragon calcetin

You will need:

-A sock

-A piece of cardboard

-Colored felt

-Safety eyes (you can also make them of felt)

-Other craft embellishments

1. Draw and cut an oval for the mouth shape on cardboar

plantilla dragon calcetin

2. Fold the oval in half. Now you have a mouth that opens and closes. Check that this piece fits well in the sock.

boca dragon calcetin

3. Adjusts the mouth and test putting the mouth piece inside the sock. The curved ends should face the toe end of the sock. With your hand inside the sock and holding the cardboar moth, mark with a pin where the cardboard ends.

medidas dragon calcetin

4. Cut the sock to about 1cm from the end of the cardboard

corte dragon calcetina-1

5. Take your hand out of the sock and cut the sock following the shape of the cardboard (leaving a margin of about 1cm)

recortando dragon calcetin

6. Fold open the toe end of the sock and the cardboard mouth piece

adaptar boca dragon calcetin

colocacion boca dragon calcetin

7. Glue all the way around the edge of the mouthpiece.

crear cara dragon calcetin

8. Cut an oval of felt using your cardboard mouth as a template and glue it over the cardboard mouth piece

boca fieltro dragon calcetin

pegando boca dragon calcetin

9. Decorate the face and body of the puppet: You can use eyes, ears, little arms, feelers, buttons … or whatever you want!

dragon calcetin