Arte Lucientes organizes the Second Edition of the International Goya Dolls Contest. aimed at promoting  art dolls and sculptural figures made from cloth, polymer clay, wire armatures, mixed…
The Contest is free and it’s open to all Artists, without any limit of age, sex, nationality or other qualifications. Each artist can participate from one to three dolls.
Prizes are relative to promote artist and their works .

Contest Theme:


concurso arte lucientes


Dolls selection will be carried out by the Jury composed by experts and important professionals of Contemporary Art.

Apply deadline:

31 December 2013

Deadline for submitting works:

31 December  2013

Free entry. Artists can apply by using one of the following methods:

-On-line by filling in the form at:
-Sending an e-mail to:

Submit your works:

Sending at least 3 pictures of each work to (jpg format)

First Prize:

Free banner in our sites and artelucientes.blogspot for a whole year linked to your site. Article about the artist in our blog about the works, it includes pictures of the artist works and at least one link to your site, facebook page, on-line shop…

Finalist Prizes:

 Free banner in our site for a whole year linked to your site. Article in our blog about the contest and the group of finalists. It includes the best pictures and one link to each finalist site, or facebook page…

The jury will select the best pictures to participate in a virtual catalog to promote the artist and their art dolls.


Francisco Goya was a talented Spanish painter and printmaker, and is considered one of the last of the Old Masters of painting, as well as the first of the moderns.

His earlier themes of merry festivals and cartoons deligthed nobility people. He became friendly with the crown prince of Spain and he  was made the first court painter, painting portraits for the king and his family, as well as the Spanish nobility. In this pictures you can found beautiful women portraits, happy, healthy and joung girls.
But after surviving the French declaration of war on Spain, Goya suffered from a mysterious illness, which made him deaf, and affected his mental behavior and began painting a series of disturbing paintings. Then you can see deformed women and other mysterious people.
For more information about Francisco Goya’s women portraits you can see his complete works clicking here

For more information about Francisco Goya’s painting of women you can see this video from youtube