A mix of papers and photographs, strangely arranged in what appeared to be the figure of a huge tree, lay on the floor of his bedroom.

The girl held before her a small role written in gold and placed it carefully into the empty cup left in that tree.

She smiled and the gold letters smiled back.

Slowly she let herself fall into the carpet and remained for long time lying on her back thinking in recent weeks. Hours and hours locked in her grandmother’s house in Fuendetodos gathering all possible documentation of her family, trying to confirm a family rumor that she had never believed and according to her own research she had proved true.

She looked over the names again with skeptical look and lines that bound pausing a few seconds in which he had written with golden letters.

Could it be also true also true that the painter’s genius came from his mother’s side?
The idea amused her and with victorious spirit she rose and approached to the delicate figure was waiting on her desk.

She raised the porcelain doll, turned and carefully signed on the back: Lucientes